Some Testimonials:

The wrong exercises can be harmful:

 Heather has done a great job of educating me and showing that traditional exercise could be doing more harm than good. Working on recommended exercises to correct posture and other issues I would have not addressed until I had bigger issues. Plan to be a regular client to make sure I’m staying on the right track.           Anonymous 

Not your typical PT!

 The attention to finding a problem, identifying solution steps and then execution of those steps was a far better experience than I have ever had with PT in the past. I feel that I have a comprehensive program to improved health and functionality. Seriously, could not be happier with my treatment.                                       Anonymous (via website feedback) 

When self care isn't enough,

 I went to Heather for help with some nagging tightness and cramping in the front of my left hip and some related discomfort in the right SI joint area. I had been using my foam roller to try to address the issue myself and nothing was working. Heather was able to help me through this and knew just what to do. I walked out of her office without any pain at all and it was so much easier to move!                   J.W. Indy 

Knee pain?

 I can’t thank Heather enough. She has over 10 years experience and has competed in mountain biking professionally, and you can tell. She goes right to the heart of the problem, works the tissue, and MAN, does it feel better to be well again! I had gotten used to some of my tight spots and frankly did not associate my knee pain with tight tissue elsewhere. So when she solved my knee pain, my overall sense of well being improved also. I am so thankful that I have found someone that can keep me moving as I age without prescriptions or surgery. Be sure to ask for the BioMat when you go – I sleep like a baby the night after a session, but am alert and healthy feeling until I go to bed.
Susan M. (Yelp! Customer) 

Her experience shows!

 I have seen Heather for shoulder pain as well as hip pain. She has done a marvelous job on both portions of the body. Her years of vast experience is immediately known when she starts to work on you notwithstanding the results! Heather has a super personality and is always professional in her endeavor to make the client feel their best. In short she does a wonderful outstanding job!!!!!!!!          J.S. Indy 

Getting your function back!

 Thanks Heather! Instead of just feeling better, Heather got to the root of my issue and fixed the problem. My foot, ankle and shoulder all work like they did when I was a kid! Having full flexibility and function back gives me confidence to remain active and not have any further issues.                         S.M. Indy 

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