Physical Therapy Services


No one likes to live in pain.  Even the smallest of pains is a significant warning sign.  Pain is a means with which the body communicates with us that something is wrong and needs to be addressed.  

Get in to see Heather as soon as you experience pain.  Sometimes the fix can be something very easy.  But if you prolong treatment it can develop into something much more complicated and even more painful. 

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Loss of Function

When our body is not working correctly it affects our ability to function normally.   

Pain and the inability to move can be very debilitating and interfere with our ability to enjoy our life. What if you can not longer:  

  • sit at a computer or drive a car
  • pick up and play with your grandkids
  • swing that golf club or carry your gym bag
  • walk your dog or go for a hike

Most of my customers will tell you that pain is one thing, but when it prevents me from enjoying the things I value in life, it is a big problem!

Don't become a victim and lose the ability to function.  Let Heather take a look at what's bothering you and get you back on the road to function.

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Retirement Planning

What????   What could PT have to do with retirement planning?

Heather has seen it so many times, people work so hard and neglect to care for themselves because they are waiting for retirement.  But, when the day comes and they can finally play golf, exercise, relax, their body is wrecked, they are in pain, can't move, and certainly can't play golf or travel like they had planned.  By working with Heather you can prepare your body for retirement so that you will be able to enjoy it as you imagined!

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